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ISO 22301 Certification – Business Continuity Management Systems

Get support on your journey to ISO 22301 certification and ensure business continuity and resilience. Learn more.

An ISO 22301 certification audit from SGS will help you to ensure that your organization has a solid business continuity management system (BCMS) in place.

Every organization will need to respond to an incident that disrupts daily business operations. Therefore, a successful BCMS is essential.

The standard specifies the requirements for implementing, maintaining and improving a BCMS to protect against, reduce the impact of, respond to and recover from disruptions.

Long-term benefits of ISO 22301 certification include:

  • Implement organization-wide identification and understanding of critical business processes and the impact of disruptions
  • Proactively minimize impact
  • Increase resilience levels and recovery capabilities, as well as ensure that the business survives
  • Minimize downtime during incidents and improve recovery time(s)
  • Gain an advantage over less resilient competitors
  • Demonstrate resilience to customers, suppliers, media and stakeholders, especially during crisis conditions

How can SGS help?

With years of worldwide experience in business continuity, we can help you along the path to certification with an ISO 22301 audit. Your audit can include a gap assessment and benchmarking. We will determine your level of business continuity competence and provide advice on how to achieve ongoing improvement.

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