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Groundwater Resources Risk Assessment

An SGS groundwater resources risk assessment will help to minimize the risk of water contamination on your site. Contact our experienced team today for an action plan to protect your precious water resources.

Groundwater resources are valuable to your business and must be protected. They can be at risk of pollution from your production processes and equipment. Through the natural movement of groundwater table, they could spread that contamination further into neighboring communities and cause damage to local ecosystems or to human health.

We assess your groundwater by examining the migration velocity of pollutants identified on your production site. We use a range of software and groundwater modeling to display the risk areas so you can see the extent of any preventative planning needed.

Our groundwater risk assessment uses the latest in computer technology and groundwater modeling to simulate water flow and drainage and anticipate the potential spread of contamination. We also examine the potential impact of your operations on local ecosystems and human health.

A robust risk assessment will allow our experienced teams to consider any corrective action you need to take for the success of your site as well as to meet any regulatory needs.

Call us today and start examining solutions to protect your groundwater resources.

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