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Digital Trust Label Certification

With the increase in digital risks, consumers are demanding more transparency and accountability from digital services. The Digital Trust Label has been developed by SGS and partners to confirm the trustworthiness of digital services and apps across 35 criteria, spanning four areas – security, data protection, reliability and fair user interaction.

Confirm Your Commitment to Digital Responsibility with Digital Trust Label Certification

Digital Trust Label certification enables you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to digital responsibility
  • Indicate the trustworthiness of your digital services and apps, using clear, non-technical language
  • Confirm compliance with Digital Trust Label criteria
  • Acquire certification against an internationally recognized scheme

Decades of Digital Experience

We believe that trust, transparency and technology go hand in hand. The Digital Trust Label is the result of two years of determined collaboration. As the main audit partner for the Digital Trust Label, we played a decisive role in developing the label and have been authorized to provide an independent audit process to externally verify whether a digital service or app is trustworthy.

Contact us to find out how Digital Trust Label certification can support your digital transparency.

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