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Compositional Analyses

Detailed compositional data on both atmospheric and pressurized samples.

Complete compositional analysis services for upstream exploration and production, utilizing industry-standard methods.

Upstream exploration and production require accurate data. We deliver high-resolution, high-quality compositional data, providing a detailed breakdown of components in crude oil or gas – as required by engineers and chemists throughout the life cycle of your well.

With an extensive network of state-of-the-art laboratories and high-quality analyses, our rigorous calibration procedures generate detailed compositional data on both atmospheric and pressurized samples.

Why choose compositional analysis from SGS?

We provide essential data to help you:

  • Establish the value of your hydrocarbon reserves
  • Predict the future performance of your wells
  • Design transport and process systems
  • Establish the market value of your oil and gas production

Why SGS?

Our services include a proprietary on-site or fixed laboratory-based integrated flash and composition measurement system, GC-GOR™, developed for the analysis of pressurized oil, gas and brine samples.

In addition, we offer traditional zero-flash gasometer-based and cryogenic zero-flash-based solutions. These systems accurately determine:

  • Gas-Oil Ratios (GOR)
  • Gas-Water Ratios (GWR)
  • Condensate-Gas Ratios (CGR)
  • Oil, water, pressurized densities and condensate shrinkage factors

The composition of flashed hydrocarbon products is measured with conventional gas chromatography (GC) in accordance with GPA standard methods.

Brine (also referred to as produced water) ionic concentrations are determined by ion-chromatography (IC) inductively coupled plasma (ICP), standard titrations and ion specific probes.

Bulk properties, such as water pH, total dissolved solid (TDS), water-in-oil, molecular weight and density are measured to ASTM or other industry-standard methods.

Through our compositional analysis services, we provide:

  • Innovative GC-GOR™ technology for onsite GOR, GWR and CGR analyses
  • Patented GC-GOR™ technology for integrated laboratory-based analyses
  • Extended compositions of oil to C36+ by capillary GC, GPA method
  • Extended compositions of gas to the last detectable component, using the GPA method
  • Water compositions by titrations, ion chromatography (IC) and ICP
  • Bulk sample properties by industry-standard methods

Compositional analysis services are available within our fixed laboratory testing facilities with most testing services available through our SGS FluidPro PAL™ mobile laboratory service. The SGS FluidPro PAL mobile laboratory is equipped with the exact same equipment found in the our fixed laboratories.

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