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Assembly Services

Assembly services from SGS – ensures consistency, precision and quality for every stage of your manufacturing process.

Whether you manufacture machines, electrical equipment or instrumentation systems, effective assembly is central to your operations. That is why we provide you with world-leading assembly services, ensuring precision and quality for every aspect of your manufacturing process.

Why use assembly services from SGS?

We offer you highly consistent assembly services for every stage of your process – from prototyping and proof-of-concept, right through to full production. Plus, our specialized automation engineering design team offers you full assembly and commissioning, enabling you to:

  • Ensure consistency and precision by leveraging our best-in-class assembly technologies, processes and personnel for every stage of your manufacturing process
  • Benefit from the latest approaches to assembly as our experts routinely adopt new ideas to improve efficiency, quality and delivery
  • Enjoy detailed quality control at every stage of your project

A Leading Provider of World-class Assembly Services

As a leading provider of assembly services, we offer you the unrivaled experience, resources and expertise you need. That’s why, when it comes to world-class assembly services, we are the first choice for a wide range of clients in every industry across the globe. Plus, for your complete peace of mind, all work is carried out in accordance with relevant standards, using the very best assembly techniques and methods.

Our assembly services include:

  • Cable laying and connecting
  • Capacitor banks
  • Motor control centers (MCC) and medium- and low-tension substations
  • Digital systems involving program logic controllers (PLC) and distributed digital control systems (SDCD)
  • Electric demand measuring and control systems
  • Electroducts, gutters and tubing
  • Field and panel instruments
  • Frequency inverters and converters 
  • Panels and distribution boards
  • Small, medium and large motors
  • Uninterrupted feeding systems

Contact us now to find out how our assembly services can help you ensure consistency, precision and quality for every stage of your manufacturing process.

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