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Agriculture and Forestry

For tractors, agricultural and forestry machines a series of standards – ISO 25119 – describes the requirements for functional safety.

As in mechanical engineering and the field of mobile applications, intelligent electronics plays an increasingly important part in product development and drives a large number of innovative solutions. This means that compliance to ISO 25119 standard for agricultural applications and its safety goal of ‘Agricultural Performance Level’ (AgPL), is paramount.

At SGS, our functional safety experts help forestry and agriculture machinery manufacturers to meet the requirements of all relevant regulations and standards.

Functional Safety Services for Agriculture and Forestry

With extensive experience and expertise, our team offers a full range of functional safety services relating to forestry and agriculture, including:

  • ISO 25119 training
  • Testing and consultancy relating to control technology solutions based on functional safety according to ISO 25119
  • Risk assessments, for example, according to EN ISO 12100, EN 14121-2, ISO 25119:
    • Consultancy, testing and support (creation) relating to the development of safety concepts for machines and EE systems according to ISO 25119
    • Conformity assessment according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
    • Review of technical documentation, e.g. operating manuals
    • EMC testing and consultancy according to regulations
    • Homologation (approval topics)

To learn more about how our functional safety services can support your organisation, contact us today.

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