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Acid Rock Drainage Testing

Determine the acid generating potential of materials and limit environmental liability with acid rock drainage (ARD) and acid mine drainage (AMD) testing.

Whether you are the developer or operator of a new mine or an existing mine, you must ensure that tailings and waste rock can be stored without producing acid rock drainage.

ARD Assessment Methods

There are two general types of methods for assessing the acid generating potential of materials. These are:

  • Static ARD predictive testing: Static tests determine both the total acid generating capability and the total acid neutralizing potential of a sample. These tests help predict the capacity of the mine waste to produce and neutralize acidity. Static testing considers particle size, mineralogy, bacteria presence and available water and oxygen
  • Kinetic ARD predictive testing: Kinetic testing is meant to mimic the action of potential acid generating processes over time. Kinetic testing provides information on leaching rates

Benefits of ARD Testing With SGS

As leaders in this field, we use the most current and widely accepted methods. We follow protocols of the Mine Environment Neutral Drainage (MEND) program, the Canadian partner in the Global Alliance (GA) led by the International Network for Acid Prevention as well as many international equivalents from around the world.

Static Acid Rock Drainage Tests

We perform a range of static ARD tests including:

  • Acid Base Accounting (Modified and Standard methods)
  • EN15875
  • Net Acid Generating (NAG) test
  • Kinetic Humidity cell testing
  • Quebec MA110 - ACISOL 1.0
  • Quebec MA110 - C.NEU 1.0
  • Quebec MA200 Met 1.2 Trace Metals
  • Quebec MA100 Lix Com 1.0 (TCLP, SPLP, CTEU-9)
  • EN12457 leach procedures (12457-1, 12457-2, 12457-3, 12457-4)

We can conduct your acid rock drainage testing and create a program tailored to your needs. Our team provides uncompromising quality and accurate results that you can bank your reputation on.

Contact us today to find out more about our ARD testing services.

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