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In response to the demand for an independent, globally relevant standard for assessing the accountability of an NGO, SGS has developed the NGO Benchmark. We have performed hundreds of assessments for NGOs large and small, in over 50 countries worldwide.

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NGO benchmarking empowers organizations to detect risks and weaknesses and correct them before it is too late. This is paramount for any organization that aspires to achieve a long lasting impact through the transparent, efficient and effective use of financing.


Our benchmarking service:

  • Operates across borders, and is internationally relevant and recognizable 
  • Is managed by experts with experience in the NGO sector
  • Is comprehensive but not excessive 
  • Provides a means of comparing similar NGOs
  • Offers NGOs an objective viewpoint that is useful for obtaining insights 
  • Triggers honest discussion within organizations
  • Can trigger a cycle of continuous improvement 
  • Can enhance the perceived value of an NGO and thus help with fundraising 

The NGO Benchmarking Methodology

Our benchmarking standard has been designed to provide an independent assessment of an NGO’s conformity to international best practice and to demonstrate its mastery of risk. Accredited benchmarking assessors spend two days onsite with the NGO, evaluating its performance against 99 objectively verifiable indicators. These have been selected from major codes and international standards and are grouped into key perspectives.

Ratings are then provided for each indicator and consolidated by perspective in a final assessment report. The client, which can be either an NGO or a donor, receives:

  • Detailed scores for each perspective 
  • A breakdown of strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Recommendations for corrective and preventive actions

We validate all results with the organization before submitting the final audit report. If scores are above the threshold and there are no signs of major non-conformity, we award an NGO Benchmark certificate.

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