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Mineral and Metal Inspection

The value of your bulk cargo shipments is best determined by a quality and quantity assessment based on impartial sampling and analysis.
SGS has been a trusted leader in trade inspection and commercial sampling services since 1878. If you are a buyer, seller or transporter of bulk commodities, we can reduce your commercial risk by ensuring that your shipments meet international standards and customer specifications.
Auger Sampling

SGS inspectors and samplers are well-trained professionals who can represent your interests at ports and terminals around the world. They are experts in all aspects of trade inspection, equipment inspection, bulk cargo sampling, concentrate sampling and commercial analysis.

SGS delivers a broad spectrum of independent evaluation services focused on reducing your risk and verifying the quantity and quality of your shipment. Our bulk commodity trade inspection and sampling services include:

  • Cargo and vessel services
  • Visual inspection
  • Stockpile inventory management
  • Equipment inspection services
  • Traditional and mechanical sampling
  • Commercial analysis 
  • Product conformity assessment

SGS has earned a reputation for professionalism and integrity. Our certificates are recognized by buyers and sellers of bulk commodities and in the international financial community. Contact us to learn how SGS can support you in ports and transportation hubs around the world.

Advanced Automatic Mechanical Sampling Systems
Get accurate, representative and unbiased sampling of your bulk cargo to ensure quality and zero bias.

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