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Dangerous Goods & Cargo Compliance

Expert guidance on the movement of hazardous products.
Dangerous Goods
When you’re transporting dangerous goods, with a risk of adverse effects from environmental changes and damage from vibration or improper handling, you need to be assured that not only are your consignments safe, but also that they comply to stringent national and international legislation.

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We offer bespoke and standardized logistics compliance services for products subject to special regulatory requirements, including:

  • Dangerous goods
  • Food and pharma grade products (GDP, Cool Chain)
  • Environmental requirements
  • Biomedical products and samples
  • Medical shipments

To special target groups such as:

  • Sales departments shipping commercial samples
  • R&D facilities shipping research samples
  • Industries shipping small volumes of commercial products
  • Laboratory proficiency schemes

Guaranteed safe and compliant handling and transport of dangerous goods allows your business to trade more efficiently, protects your staff and supply chain and avoids any penalties that may arise from non-compliance with essential regulation.

Dangerous Goods Services

Our dangerous goods and cargo compliance services cover all aspects of the carriage of dangerous goods, from identification to packaging, marking, labeling and documentation. We handle nearly every class of dangerous goods and you receive expert supply chain services that ensure safe and compliant handling and transport of goods that need special care or attention.

Services include:

  • IATA Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods and other regulatory documents
  • Handling and packing of dangerous goods in UN-approved packaging
  • Pick-up, collection, storage and distribution of dangerous goods
  • Identification, marking and labeling in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Re-packing:
    • Of damaged goods
    • According to the maximum net quantities allowed per package
    • To smaller or larger packages for ease of handling
  • National and international transport arrangements
  • Dangerous goods safety advisor
  • Dry-ice service
  • SDS management
  • Emergency Response Service
  • Waste management

They can be delivered:

  • At an SGS Dangerous Goods Service Center
  • At your premises – for products which cannot be transported to an SGS site, our experts can come to your location and deliver the services onsite
  • In-house – if you have a high number of dangerous goods shipments, our experts can be seconded to your location where they form an integral part of your operations
  • Remote Inspection service – a virtual check of a shipment utilizing our protocol, QiiQ remote inspection tool and a web-based communication platform

With our local colleagues and selected third-party partners, we transport your samples or small commercial shipments of a broad range of products from chemicals to food and pharma.

Pharma and Medical Logistics Services

Our Biologistic services, available in Benelux, can look after your medical shipments, from selecting the most appropriate packaging to final delivery.

Medical Devices

Many medical devices contain parts that are dangerous for transport, like lithium batteries. We help producers and shippers of such devices to comply with the applicable transport regulations.


If you need specialized training for the transportation of dangerous goods by air, sea or road, we offer:

  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (initial and refresher)
  • ADR, ADR-IATA and ADR-IATA-IMDG awareness training
  • General Awareness Dangerous Goods training
  • Client- or product-specific training (ADR and IMDG)
  • Airfreight security courses for:
    • Employees
    • Inspectors
    • Advisors
  • Custom made training

Note: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations is currently only available in The Netherlands and Belgium, Airfreight security courses are only provided in The Netherlands.


Our supplies department specializes in the supply of packaging materials for the transport of dangerous goods, including:

  • UN certified packaging materials
  • Customized packaging solutions
  • Labels, shock and liquid absorbent materials, tape
  • Regulations (books)

Why choose dangerous goods and cargo compliance services from SGS?

We deliver easy and efficient processes to ensure that your shipments reach their final destination safe and sound, in compliance with all transport regulations. Having us as your one point of contact either globally, regionally or locally, ensures a smooth, professional and cost effective service. So whether you need expert assistance with export and import shipments, return and recovery shipments or mystery shopping and shipping, take advantage of our expertise and unique global network. Contact us today for more information about our dangerous goods and cargo compliance services.

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