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Public Mandates and Government Solutions

A comprehensive range of public mandates and government solutions to enable you to provide safe and efficient interconnected services.

We offer a wide range of standalone or integrated services to help governments, institutions and administrations offer better, safer and more interconnected services and solutions to their citizens and businesses.

Our public mandates and government solutions:

  • Road safety services

    We offer a wide range of advanced services to enhance road safety, from vehicle compliance solutions, covering roadworthiness checks and emissions testing, to driver compliance with driver license application management and testing services.

  • Border solutions

    We provide a wide range of solutions to facilitate cross-border cargo compliance monitoring – from scanning services and AI-powered digital inspection services to cargo tracking solutions, facilitating cross-border cargo compliance monitoring.

  • Digital solutions

    We help authorities progress e-Government strategies to better serve citizens and businesses. Our solutions include Federal and Municipal eTax solutions, electronic customs clearance with single window, and other regulatory-driven customized solutions.

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