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SGS Academy - 30 Years of Global Training

Quality training is the key to keeping pace with the latest industry practices, technical and ISO standards, and regulatory compliance. We offer consistent, high-quality training across your organization, both locally and globally, providing the skills and knowledge to transform your people and business.


Courses in more than 100 countries


A portfolio of over 20,000 courses, in more than 20 languages


A network of more than 1,000 tutors


Training delivered to more than 200,000 people a year

Transformation through training

We provide:

  • Diverse learning methods:

    classroom-based, virtual, eLearning and blended courses

  • Standards-based training:

    comprehensive ISO and other standard-specific courses

  • Industry-specific solutions:

    tailored training for sectors like food, medical and automotive

  • Specialized subject training:

    covering sustainability, health and safety, information security and more

  • Customized learning:

    bespoke training solutions based on audit data and industry needs

  • Advanced Learning Management System (LMS):

    for streamlined training and development

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Customized, industry-specific learning solutions

SGS Academy leverages a vast dataset across 39 industries and 200,000 customers to identify learning gaps and develop tailored solutions. Our data-centric approach ensures adaptable, relevant and impactful training programs. We provide bespoke learning solutions and industry-specific training, supported by an efficient Learning Management System (LMS) for seamless global training administration.

Streamlined learning with online LMS

SGS Academy's innovative LMS revolutionizes training and development, offering easy online access for both employees and management. This system streamlines the organization, recording and consistent implementation of training on a global scale.

SGS OI Training, Pavlodar Kazakhstan

Enhanced learning experience

  • Intuitive: uses recognizable online methods to enhance training
  • Effective: uses client data to target relevant courses, promoting continuous professional development
  • Tracked: all training is recorded and accessible at any time
  • Organized: schedules are in one place to simplify planning, changes to schedules, course definitions, etc. are instant
  • Certificates: direct access to printable documentation
  • Control: the learner can book courses, allowing control over their schedule

Optimized management tools

  • Reports: many relevant reports are available in a suitable format
  • Invoicing: complete control over invoicing, allowing budget supervision
  • Resource management: full visibility of all aspects of staff training

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