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Welcome to SGS’s Media Room. We provide you with a variety of content including high resolution photography of executives, site locations and business activities as well as a range of videos and additional resources about SGS’s focus areas and industry expertise.
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Variety of Seafood Teaser

Acquisition of Seafood Testing Business from Asmecruz

The Asmecruz laboratory offers a comprehensive range of microbiological and biotoxins analysis services in Spain.
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Cars Parked in Line

SGS Signs Agreement to Sell its Automotive Asset Assessment and Retail Network Services Operations to Macadam

SGS is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to divest its Automotive Asset Assessment and Retail Network Services operations to Macadam Europe NV.
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Frankie Ng conversing Teaser

Bringing Our Purpose to Life: An Interview with Frankie Ng

We sat down with our CEO Frankie Ng to discuss how our strong spirit of solidarity is helping us support our customers and communities.
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CDP 2021 logo

Leadership Position on CDP 2022 Assessment

On our 2022 assessment, CDP awarded us an A- for our environmental leadership and our actions on climate change.
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SGS Oil Gas Chemical Antwerp Belgium

We Publish Our First Fully Integrated Annual Report

Our first fully integrated report details the company’s progress towards a thriving and sustainable future.
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Offshore Oil Platform

Sell of Subsurface Consultancy Business to Sproule

We have signed an agreement with Sproule to divest our Subsurface Consultancy business.
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Frozen Food Inspection SGS PERU teaser

SGS 2022 Full Year Results

We successfully navigated the challenges of 2022 with a resilient financial performance.

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Morning Dew on Grass

"I Chose to Look the Other Way”: The Importance of Safety at SGS

Watch our video to discover what safety means to us.
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A Cybersecurity Message from the CEO of SGS

A Cybersecurity Message from our CEO

Our CEO, Frankie Ng, discusses the importance of cybersecurity and explains how SGS is helping to protect against cyberattacks.
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Stock Market Display

SGS Ends Share Buyback Program

SGS SA announces the end of its share buyback program.
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SGS’s media team is available to answer requests for information, interviews and contacts within the Group and it’s affiliates around the world where the Group is present.

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