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Yource Bulgaria Calls on SGS for an Audit Against ISO 18295

Quality InsightsJuly 21, 2023

Find out what Yource Bulgaria said about our ISO 18295 auditing and certification services, and why the company named us its certification body of choice.

Why did Yource Bulgaria pursue ISO 18295 certification?

Having been certified to ISO 9001 (quality management systems) since 2009, Yource decided to explore the benefits of further certification. It opted to take the organization to the next level by certifying to EN 15838 (the European standard for customer contact centers, or CCCs) in 2014, profoundly transforming the business. When this European standard was replaced by ISO 18295 in 2017, it chose to continue to certify its CCCs to maintain and exceed standards.

“We decided to pursue ISO 18295 certification because it provides a solid foundation for us to operate to a robust set of processes and workflows, which are subject to regular reviews and improvements. In turn, we can deliver state-of-the-art BPO solutions customized to our clients, to ensure quality excellence and strong performance against robust KPIs.

“Our ISO 18295 certificate shows our clients, partners and employees that we handle their business, projects, personal data and information with the utmost care and according to the international standard,” said Zdravka Bacheva, Administrative Manager at Yource.

What exactly is ISO 18295?

ISO 18295 is the first international quality standard dedicated to the call center industry. It can help you to prove your commitment to professionalism and the continuous improvement of customer service quality.

The standard comes in two parts – ISO 18295-1 and ISO 18295-2. The former outlines the requirements for CCCs while the latter describes client organization requirements that mandate the CCC. Both apply to in-house (captive) and outsourced (third-party operator) CCCs, regardless of their size, across all sectors and communication channels, including incoming and outgoing communication.

What are the benefits of ISO 18295?

Mrs Bacheva said: “ISO 18295 helps us to continuously improve our business, which makes us significantly more competitive. We feel confident that we have a robust, resilient and professional base, due to having experience working on the norms of the standard, and we have seen this being valued by all clients who requested our services.

“Furthermore, we operate from a nearshore location, with most of our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, DACH and other Western European countries. Being certified to an international standard of this value has greatly helped us to acquire new clients, as it speaks louder than just our words when it comes to how professional and dedicated we are.”

Why did you choose SGS and how did the partnership go?

“We chose SGS in 2014, as it is an internationally renowned company with a proven track record in the business, and has professional, experienced auditors.

“Every SGS auditor that has worked with us over the years was very kind, friendly and helpful. Our experience has always been very good, so the choice of certification body after the standard changed was simple.

“The entire ISO 18295 certification process went smoothly. Being very well prepared, the auditors devised an audit plan that corresponded to our business needs and preferences. Throughout the audit, from start to debrief, the auditors were thorough and professional, and covered all points and topics according to the plan. There were no delays, shortcomings or misunderstandings, as the planning and communication were clear and transparent,” said Mrs Bacheva.

What did the auditor say about Yource Bulgaria’s certification?

“Yource has been certified since 2014. From an auditor's perspective, its systems appear mature and robust, meeting both the standard and organizational process requirements.

“Additionally, Yource is open to a third-party perspective and actively seeks feedback to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its systems. This approach is not only for compliance purposes, but also as a source of new development and improvements. This has been evident throughout all the audits it has undergone, where it not only addresses nonconformities, but also seriously considers opportunities for improvements highlighted by the auditor. As a result, auditors are greatly informed and prepared before auditing Yource's systems.

“Yource has effectively utilized the potential of the standard and uses the information and data generated by different processes and KPIs to consistently improve the customer experience while making it a better place for people to work. This is because it understands that, in a CCC, its human resources, particularly agents, are integral to the organization, helping to boost the customer experience,” said Waqas Awan, SGS Auditor.

Why should you consider ISO 18295 certification?

Mrs Bacheva added: “For companies considering ISO 18295 certification, I would say, don’t hesitate to initiate the process, regardless of whether you want to grow, scale, consolidate or leverage your business.

“As with many things in business and in private, you must also maintain, support and nurture improvements made and reinvent processes. If done correctly with the right company to guide and support you, your clients, partners and employees will feel the difference.”

About Yource Bulgaria

In 2006, Euroccor was founded in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.. Three years later, the company partnered with Rossel, the Belgian media group, which acquired 50% of Euroccor’s shares.

In 2014, Euroccor obtained its EN 15838 certificate. This standard was replaced in 2017 by ISO 18295. The company’s certification has been uninterrupted, with it having been recertified successfully by SGS every year.

Meanwhile, the company has become fully GDPR- and PCI-compliant. In 2017, the second-largest CCC organization in Benelux acquired the majority of Rossel. As such, it became part of Yource Group. In July 2022, Euroccor became Yource Bulgaria.

Yource Bulgaria’s mission and vision

The Company Mission and Vision say: “We’re proud of who we are because we stay true to ourselves, and we’re honest, open and transparent towards our clients, as well as to their customers and consumers.

“Our mission is to be a proud supplier of honest customer experiences. Customer experience is about empathy. It’s about delivering experiences people love. Experiences based on trust and honesty. We, at Yource Bulgaria (Euroccor), work hard to make a difference to our clients, who – just like their customers – face plenty of choices, and rightfully expect more and better every day.

“Our vision is to be recognized as the best choice for nearshoring business process outsourcing. This is beyond any doubt an ambitious goal, but it’s also what makes us different.”

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