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SGS Partners with Startup DEMBoost

July 11, 2023

This partnership will accelerate the development of our radiation protection, and asbestos, chemical and nuclear decontamination services.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with DEMBoost, a French startup with deep expertise in the measurement and decontamination of nuclear facilities, thanks to the use of mobile autonomous measurement platforms and mobile laboratories.

This new partnership completes our service offering in radiation protection as well as asbestos, chemical and nuclear decontamination. It will focus first on our French market, and then extend progressively to other locations where SGS operates.

Philippe Girard, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of DEMBoost, said: "This partnership is not only a recognition of our unique technical expertise, but also a springboard to our development. We are delighted to start working alongside SGS experts in the nuclear industry." 

Alain Guy, Managing Director of SGS France, said: "We are delighted by this new collaboration. DEMBoost's know-how and expertise will strengthen our ability to support the nuclear industry in France. We were already involved in contamination monitoring and non-destructive testing of installations as well as in the certification of suppliers to the nuclear and naval industries. This partnership allows us to expand our range of services to the nuclear industry, with the possibility of applying DEMBoost's technology to eventually detect other contaminants, such as asbestos and organic chemical contaminants."

DEMBoost: a unique technology

Thanks to developments in measurement collection and smart data management, DEMBoost can generate precise 3D mapping of the radioactivity in a room, building or external site.

Various autonomous mobile measurement platforms perform indoor and outdoor surface measurements, including measurements of walls and ceilings up to 20 meters high. 2D readings are then integrated into previously digitized 3D models.

Robotic arms enable all elements to be completely covered, without the need for scaffolding. This drastically limits the exposure of personnel.

In parallel, DEMBoost has developed mobile and automated laboratories to measure core samples (soil contamination) and also performs radiochemical analysis of samples. Being mobile, these laboratories operate as close to facilities as possible, avoiding the need to transport radioactive substances and facilitating compliance with ADR regulations for road transport.

Working together to achieve ambitions

Through this partnership, DEMBoost will provide SGS with its technology and train its employees in its use. At the same time, the partnership will enable DEMBoost to focus on the evolution of its technology and the development of new solutions.

Patrick Texeira, Industry Division Business Manager of SGS in France, explains:"Thanks to its robotic technological solution, DEMBoost brings value, security and time savings to our experts, who will devote their skills to the analysis and exploitation of data."

Hervé Touati, who advises DEMBoost on its development strategy, added: "DEMBoost is currently expanding the applicability of its technology to the detection of asbestos and organic chemical contamination, including the presence of military explosives. The uses of our technology are multiple. We may, for example, decontaminate an industrial site to install a photovoltaic power plant."

For further information, please contact:

Stéphane Châtelain
SGS France Industries
Sales Director 

t: +33 2 51 72 90 10
m: +33 6 07 25 51 45

About DEMBoost

Created in 2019 by Philippe Girard, Didier Dubot and Sylvain Macalarne, DEMBoost aims to simplify and accelerate the dismantling of nuclear installations for rehabilitation. Composed of 11 employees, the startup is based in Île-de-France. In full development, DEMBoost is currently expanding the applicability of its technology to asbestos detection and organic chemical contamination, including the presence of military explosives. 

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