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How Customized Audits and Analytics are Key to Supply Chain Success

Quality InsightsJuly 21, 2023

Supply chains are complex beasts. Unlock unrelentingly efficient supply chains with customized audits and analytics.

A personalized partnership for success

We have developed customized audits to help organizations successfully navigate the escalating situation and requirements. We offer a range of seamless and simple compliance auditing processes.

Reinforced by decades of experience and technical expertise, our solutions allow organizations to address a multitude of risks, including quality, health and safety, and sustainability.

Annually, we perform thousands of customized audits, working with small and medium enterprises, as well as large, international corporations.

As a trusted partner, with experience across all major industries, we are committed to transforming the compliance, transparency and performance of all products, services and supply chains that we audit.

Manage brands, suppliers and stewardship schemes

Our customized audits are a comprehensive and effective instrument for organizations needing to manage their brands, suppliers and industry/product stewardship scheme accreditations.

We deliver tailored, focused and cost-effective auditing that encompasses all client requirements and can be implemented across the entire supply chain.

Results are presented in a high-quality report that includes corrective action plans to allow continuous improvement. Our services help to raise the benchmark while driving compliance among associates.

Brand audits

Ensure that your brand is correctly represented along the full supply chain.

Supplier audits

Maintain best practices while minimizing business disruptions.

Industry/product stewardship audits

Ensure that member companies adhere to your program’s benchmarks.

Methodology services

We work directly with stakeholders to ensure that the program meets your needs, piloting the audit program before implementation.

After successfully completing the audit, we continue to work with you, enhancing your program and delivering continuous improvements that benefit you and your stakeholders.

From program development to continuous improvement

Program developmentImplementationAuditContinuous improvement
  • Kick-off workshop
  • Develop audit checklist based on best practices
  • Pilot audit
  • Finalize audit checklist
  • Update audit management and delivery platform ready for launch
  • Communication planning and implementation
  • Auditor selection
  • Auditor training development
  • Auditor training delivery
  • Audit program scheduling
  • Audit delivery
  • Audit reporting
  • Corrective action planning
  • Data and analytics creation
  • Analytics and trend reporting
  • Operational and performance reporting
  • Supplier satisfaction survey
  • Feedback loop for program improvements

Customized data analytics and management

Our Customized Assessment Tracking System (CATS) provides advanced data analytics and audit data management. This centralization tool unites all relevant audit data.

Through our user-friendly dashboard, clients can access real-time reports, audit scheduling capabilities, auditor output metrics and complex KPIs specific to the customized audit.


  • Complete audit process online
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Interactive reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Real-time performance monitoring to set KPIs
  • Full process traceability
  • Project status visibility and transparency

Data management and reporting samples

Accurate and transparent reporting is critical to compliance. Our platform offers various interactive reporting dashboards, customized to meet your needs. Each dashboard provides real-time performance monitoring and complete project traceability and visibility, thereby helping you to mitigate risks.

  • Standard reports – top-line summary of key findings
  • Easy to view and share
  • Easy to configure to meet your data presentation and analysis needs
  • Direct, real-time access to audit data
  • Unlimited users
  • Project status visibility – audits scheduled, completed, in progress
  • Trend analysis

Getting past the issues, together

Whether you have supply chain complexity, supplier or legislation issues, a combination of these or something else, our ever-evolving Supply Chain Assurance portfolio, powered by the latest technology and knowledge, is there for you.

With expertise in all major industries, we can help you to map your supply chain, helping to ensure that you have safe, effective and efficient processes, adhering to even the newest legislation.

Why partner with us?

Global reach, local supplier support and onboarding services

Access our global network for local supplier support, wherever needed.

Subject matter expertise

With 97,000 employees across multiple sectors and 2,650 offices and laboratories, we can provide the right expertise, whatever the industry or program.

Broad service scope

Our extensive service scope provides regulatory, legislative and country-specific compliance across your supply chain.

Tailored risk evaluation and content

By strategically partnering with you, we can tailor risk-profiling content to your needs.

Supplier and buyer data analytics

Powerful dashboards and customizable data points place supplier and supply chain analytics at your fingertips.

Best-in-class IT platform and data verification

Through our technology partners, we provide an innovative blockchain-enabled platform.

This is but an extract from our new Supply chain internationalization, risks and legislation – how experts, technology and customized audits are key white paper.

Or, check out our Supply Chain Assurance services.

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