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SOTIF Training

SOTIF training and seminars teach professionals in the automotive industry how to implement and meet the ISO 21448 safety standard.

Safety of the Intended Function (SOTIF) is a logical supplement to the established functional safety standard ISO 26262.

Whilst both relate to the reliable performance of electric and electronic systems in automated vehicles, SOTIF addresses the risks that lie dormant in the functions themselves, even when they have passed the ISO 26262 standard. This could be an inability to read and respond correctly to environmental conditions or situations such as black ice or a reflection.  

As technology advances and grows more complex, these safety related standards become ever more critical. SGS are experts in SOTIF and functional safety and can provide training and personal certification to ensure you meet and comply with all required standards, local and global.  

SOTIF Training and Seminars 

Why choose SGS?

SGS, leader in functional safety and SOTIF, has teams and state-of-the-art facilities located all over the world. We are actively involved with the co-design of international standards and can provide expert, up-to-the-minute training and personal certification for all your SOTIF and functional safety needs.

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