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Scanner Consulting Services

Scanner consulting services from SGS – the market expertise, on-site knowledge and experience you need to Implement scanner technology.

When implementing scanner technology for a government organization, it is essential to select the right technical solution. At SGS, we have significant experience in implementing scanner technology, from defining your project, financing equipment and recruitment to training of the operating team. We have worked with several governments to assist and select the most effective equipment to suit both the trade patterns of the client country and also the local environment.

Assistance for Tenders

Either we will help you to write terms of reference for tenders, or we will assist you to evaluate the offers. Our SGS professionals work with all scanner manufacturers, and our expertise is invaluable, assisting you with evaluating manufacturers’ offers and making sure equipment is suitable for your needs.  

Witnessing Third-party Testing

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and On-Site Acceptance Tests (OSAT) are crucial in the implementation of any scanning equipment. They protect your interests by ensuring that any guarantee given by the vendor can be activated, whenever necessary. We will witness the FAT and OSAT testing at the manufacturer’s site, and your own scanner site, to ensure that the equipment complies with its technical description, relevant regulations and specifications, and that it meets the performance requirements requested.


We have developed an extensive audit to ensure the reliability of your scanning system, and the frequency and quality of your machine maintenance. It includes:

  • Operational audits – a review of current logistics, the assessment of document workflow and an evaluation of the operators
  • Security audits – radiation safety, the security aspects on site such as emergency procedures and intellectual property rights
  • Technical audits – to ensure that that equipment is technically reliable and conforms with the contract specifications/obligations
  • Maintenance organization audits

In addition to the audit, we offer a range of complementary solutions including:

  • Implementation of scanner technical solutions, in cooperation with the scanner manufacturer
  • Review of the maintenance organization, including spare part provision and management
  • Development of new and more appropriate/efficient procedures
  • Training of the maintenance team (refresher training, specific training on weaknesses identified during the audit)
  • Maintenance organization follow-up

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