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SGS OMNIS – Cargo Tracking

Navigate complex trade landscapes and customs areas with SGS OMNIS™ for real-time, secure cargo tracking.

In the complex world of international trade, ensuring the continuous movement of cargo whilst safeguarding the integrity of goods is critical. SGS OMNIS, our advanced electronic cargo tracking system (ECTS), offers real-time monitoring to ensure seamless transit and maintain cargo integrity. Tailored to fit various scenarios, OMNIS is the solution for both private and governmental clients, enhancing supply chain security, loss prevention, and safeguarding tax revenue.

Why choose SGS OMNIS?

We enable you to:
  • Track your shipments in real time across diverse territories
  • Customize solutions to meet specific tracking needs
  • Leverage our unrivalled experience in cargo tracking for both private and governmental sectors
  • Access a variety of data capture hardware to suit all budgets
  • Benefit from our expertise in integrating tracking solutions with external systems

Track your cargo with the right technology

We help you identify the right technology solution for your tracking requirements, considering various factors such as:

  • Hardware requirements – ensuring the best type of electronic seals for your scenario
  • Real-time information requirements – including alert type, format and frequency
  • Local environment – number of transit corridors and distances covered, local infrastructure, transit traffic density, laws and regulations, etc.
  • Integration requirements – allowing for connectivity with third-party systems such as Customs Management Systems, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and many others
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Advanced platform for continuous tracking

SGS OMNIS uses the SCT CMA 3T advanced technology engine, an integrated combination of specialized software and hardware that enables continuous tracking of your cargo. The result is a fully scalable, user-friendly, real-time asset tracking platform – accessible anywhere in the world with convenient alerts.

Why SGS?

We are the global leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification services, with a reputation for quality and integrity. SGS OMNIS leverages two decades of supply chain optimization experience to offer a comprehensive, adaptable tracking system. Our partnerships with technology leaders ensure access to cutting-edge solutions, enabling a fully integrated, scalable tracking platform for any requirement. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Needs assessment and feasibility studies
  • Solution design and customization
  • Partial or full financing of complete solutions
  • Full implementation in collaboration with the private sector and/or governments
  • Interface with guarantors and operators, such as logistics and transport companies

Discover how SGS OMNIS can transform your cargo tracking and supply chain management – contact us today for a tailored solution that meets your unique needs.

OMNIS Electronic Cargo Tracking

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