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Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) Verification

In recent years, jurisdictions and energy directives around the world are demanding that fuels used by transport vehicles include increasing amounts of biofuels.

In the United Kingdom, the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) stipulates that a specified percentage of “road fuels” comes from renewable fuel sources. The RTFO helps align the UK with the European Union Renewable Energy Directive, which outlines transport biofuel targets for all countries in the EU.

Suppliers of transport fuels from fossil fuel sources must submit an annual RTFO report to the Renewable Fuels Agency verifying compliance. “Obligated suppliers” included in the RTFO directive must also submit reports on the sustainability and carbon content of the biofuels that they include.

SGS conducts report verification on biofuel sustainability. We have earned a reputation for comprehensive audits against a wide range of standards, and our highly qualified assessors work with you to ensure that you meet your RFA obligations.

By partnering with SGS for your RTFO verification, you benefit from our extensive experience in auditing and verification. We help you to ensure that you comply with your UK biofuels obligations, thereby demonstrating your acceptance of the directive and reaping the benefits of compliance. Contact us today to learn how SGS can work with you on ensuring you meet the RTFO requirements.

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