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Metallurgical Services for Uranium

SGS develops and demonstrates bankable flowsheets and processes for environmentally sustainable uranium extraction processing.

These flowsheets are confirmed on-site through bench and pilot plant testing programs that are internationally recognized by the mining, engineering and financial communities. SGS has decades of expertise with uranium metallurgy and the specialized, rigorous health and safety protocols required when handling this commodity.

With SGS, your uranium metallurgical testing program will:

  • Result in a practical, cost effective, environmentally sound flowsheet 
  • Provide data for capital and operating cost estimates
  • Generate higher value through improved recovery or cost savings
  • Provide bankable milestones to maximize financing options

SGS’s experienced metallurgical professionals and technicians provide bankable results for your uranium project. Our core philosophy is to understand the variability of the ore parameters that affect metallurgical performance and then design, optimize or forecast based on these parameters. This geometallurgical framework guides metallurgical testing at bench and pilot plant scales. SGS’s metallurgical test program for uranium includes:

  • Ore preparation and comminution
  • Gravity and magnetic separation
  • Froth flotation
  • Precipitation
  • Roasting
  • Solvent extraction
  • Ion exchange
  • Leaching

Partner with SGS to receive the best quality metallurgical services available, fully bankable reports and high levels of credibility with the leading financial institutions. Our reputation for impartiality and neutrality gives you the assurance that no technologies or process routes are favoured due to vested interests. With standardized equipment, experienced technical experts and stringent health and safety protocols, SGS provides metallurgical testing programs for uranium based on sustainable process design to achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

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