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Inspection and Sampling for Uranium

With over 1000 locations globally, SGS is well represented in the major metals producing and consuming regions of the world. Inspection, sampling, tallying or weight determinations are services that SGS can provide at a uranium producer’s facility, trans-shipment points, in-storage or receiving premises. We have people on the ground wherever and whenever you need a partner familiar with local regulations and trade practices.

SGS has stringent protocols for handling uranium products and our technical experts have the knowledge and experience required to safely carry out the following services:

  • Supervision and documentation of sampling, visual inspections and cargos
  • Loss prevention
  • Inventory determinations
  • Equipment inspection services
  • Traditional sampling
  • Commercial analysis (party/umpire chemical analysis)
  • Monitoring, handling and personnel protocols

SGS provides inspection and supervision services involved in weight certification, sampling, chemical and quality analysis globally. Whether you are selling, buying or transporting uranium, SGS is ready to provide independent inspection and sampling.

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