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IECEx Personnel Competence Certification Scheme

IECEx competence certification from SGS – a qualification for personnel in organizations offering services in explosive atmospheres.

It is well recognized that people are the weakest link in any safety chain. The purpose of the internationally recognized IECEx Personnel Competence Certification Scheme is to add strength to your safety chain in respect of those individuals working in and around hazardous areas.

SGS is recognized as being at the forefront of international product certification within the IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme, and the company is now well established as a leader in the newer IECEx Personnel Competence Certification Scheme.

Unlike many other schemes which are based purely on training, the IECEx scheme focuses on what an individual is capable of doing sometime after their training has been put to use in the workplace. In contrast, an examination directly at the end of a training course tests only short-term memory, rather than acquired ability.

By setting a number of pre-requisites before each examination can be attempted, you can be confident that a pass in the examination is meaningful.

The scheme is based on 11 units that cover most of the activities personnel may be required to carry out as part of the design, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance of such plants.

In short form, the IECEx units are:

  • Ex 000 – Basic Knowledge and Awareness to Enter and Explosive Area Site
  • Ex 001 – Application of Basic Principles of Protection (supporting the other units)
  • Ex 002 – Performance of Area Classification
  • Ex 003 – Installation of Equipment and Wiring Systems
  • Ex 004 – Maintenance of Equipment
  • Ex 005 – Overhaul and Repair of Equipment
  • Ex 006 – Testing of Installations and Equipment
  • Ex 007 – Performance of Visual and Close Inspections
  • Ex 008 – Performance of Detailed Inspections
  • Ex 009 – Design of Electrical Installations in Hazardous Atmospheres
  • Ex 010 – Performance of Audit Inspections

IECEx Ex000 is a certificate of Basic Knowledge and based only on a test. This will indicate whether the participant has basic knowledge, when they need not demonstrate specific competence in the Ex field.

Units Ex 003 to Ex 008 require practical examinations on hardware, in addition to the written examinations that apply for all units. The practical examinations are currently held at our examination centers in the UK and Singapore. There is more flexibility in where the written examinations can take place.

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