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BRCGS for Agents and Brokers Issue 2 for Companies Training Course

Understand the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Issue 2 requirements for companies with this BRCGS training course delivered by SGS.

This BRCGS-approved training course will ensure that company personnel using the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Issue 2 have an in-depth and practical understanding of the standard’s format and requirements. You will also cover the protocol for the audit and actions following the audit.

What will you learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the reasons for changes to the standard, including industry developments
  • Describe the scope of companies and products covered by the standard
  • Know what is required to comply with the requirements of the standard
  • Prepare for an audit to the standard
  • Understand the protocol for audits to the standard

Learners will need to demonstrate acceptable performance in all these areas.

Prior Knowledge

You should read a copy of Global Standard Agents and Brokers Issue 2 before attending this course.


This course has been designed for agents, brokers and their staff who wish to gain a thorough understanding of the standard and audit protocol to be able to prepare their companies for certification.

Course Information

Course duration: 1 day
Delivery methodology: face to face
Accreditation: BRCGS

Course Certification

To complete the course successfully, learners will need to perform a 25-question exam and gain a pass mark of 60%.

A BRCGS-approved Course for Understanding the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Issue 2, Delivered by a World Leader in Corporate Training

As a world leader in professional training and BRCGS-approved training partner, we offer you unrivaled experience and a global network of qualified professionals with extensive expertise in the latest practices. Our courses are delivered by specialists who will support you on your professional journey.

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