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Worldly Platform and SGS Assurance Services – Data Validation

Gain transparency, trust and confidence in data collection and validation for environmental, social and governance (ESG) measurement and reporting from SGS and Worldly.

Why have SGS and Worldly partnered?

With data, the greatest challenge is accuracy and completeness – 80% of people do not trust supply chain data, according to Deloitte’s Sustainability Action Report 2022.

For Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, there is a lack of confidence in the quality and availability of data. Many new regulations and laws also include Scope 3/GHG reduction targets.

SGS and Worldly (the new home of the Higg Index) can ensure transparency, trust and confidence in data collection and validation for your ESG measurement and reporting.

What we offer

Combining SGS’s world-leading, third-party data validation and assurance services with Worldly’s world-class data collection and intelligence platform means you can confidently collect and secure validated, high-frequency primary data concerning energy, water, waste and refrigerants.

Validated data on your supply chain enables you to make the timely decisions required to meet GHG reduction targets. Our data validation service also supports reporting on ESG performance and streamlining regulatory disclosure efforts – all through a single platform.

Who is the service for?

Consumer brands, retailers, manufacturers and their supply chains in industries like:


Why the Worldly platform and SGS Assurance Services – Data Validation? 

Worldly – factory data capture module

The planet’s most comprehensive impact intelligence platform, Worldly provides data specific to your supply chain – all in one place, so you can know your true impact.

You can upload your utility data to the platform and SGS will ensure its accuracy, so you can confidently share the validated data with stakeholders, such as brand and retail clients.

Sustainability data can be validated quarterly or even monthly, to help you meet urgent sustainability deadlines that annual validation will not accommodate.

Worldly works with thousands of companies, providing them with insights needed to improve their performance and compliance. This helps to increase supplier participation, enabling better coverage of your supply chain.

The benefits include:
  • Mitigate supply chain risks, monitor practices and identify hotspots
  • Improve your manufacturing performance
  • Track the impact of your supply chain
  • Embed responsibility into global operations
  • Spend less time deciphering data and more time making an impact

For brands: Worldly helps you understand your sourcing and footprint – across carbon, energy and more. For manufacturers: Worldly streamlines your reporting to buyers and tracks sustainability improvements.

Current Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) users will be familiar with the platform, which will speed up the process for them. New customers need not worry, as the platform is easy to use and efficient, and has a dedicated support team in case you need help.

Worldly remains the home of the Higg Index, with SGS as an approved Verifying Body that provides verification for the Higg FEM, combined with or separate from factory data validation.

Factory data

SGS Assurance Services

We are an independent, third-party service provider with key competencies and experience in data verification and certification. We are perfectly placed to validate environmental data accuracy globally across the supply chain, through site visits and remote reviews, at a high frequency and affordable cost.

SGS is a global leader in sustainability, with over 30 years of experience in environmental auditing, ESG assurance and GHG verification.

We can help you:
  • Create confidence through data validated by a trusted third party
  • Demonstrate progress toward environmental commitments and impacts
  • Make sustainability-led decisions based on recent, updated and reliable data
  • Substantiate environmental claims and minimize greenwashing risk
  • Enhance transparency in your supply chain to better understand changes
  • Comply with existing and upcoming environmental regulations

Our ESG experts also actively contribute to the development of international standards, frameworks, schemes and regulations.

Key benefits of the full service

SGS and Worldly can enable transparency and assurance, and reduce the cost and complexity of ESG and GHG disclosures.

Our service supports:

Brands and facilities can exchange their validated data safely through the Worldly platform, deepening trust and transparency among business partners across the global value chain, as well as customers, investors and regulators.

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