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Water Sampling and Monitoring

Water sampling and monitoring helps protect the environment.

Water is vital for life. Local water pollution can damage the environment and affect human health. Governments and private institutions monitor and regulate water quality to protect the environment and protect populations. The consequences of contamination can reach far and wide, costing businesses significant amounts in clean-up costs and lost reputations.

SGS Water Sampling and Monitoring

With an unrivalled network of accredited laboratories and sampling crews around the world, we use state-of-the-art technology, global expertise and local knowledge, to provide a comprehensive range of water monitoring services for different types of water.

These include:

  • Drinking water sampling
    • Baseline and on-going compliance testing
    • Sample collecting to ensure treatment systems are operating correctly 
  • Surface water sampling
    • Collecting samples from rivers, streams and dams to ensure water quality meets acceptable standards
  • Wastewater sampling
    • Sample collection at the discharge point or at various points in the system to evaluate performance or compliance
    • Sampling by means of grab sampling or using auto samplers for composite sample collection
    • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program services, including specific wastewater and sludge sampling, and analytical services supporting the program
  • Sea water sampling
    • Water column sampling using dedicated sampler devices specially designed to assess the impact of offshore activities on sea water quality
  • Groundwater sampling
    • Collection of groundwater and analysis to international standards using a comprehensive range of equipment, including interface meters, low and high flow sampling pumps, flow through cells and calibrated field instrumentation
    • Dedicated groundwater sampling services to collect samples for compliance testing – establishing baseline conditions and assessing the nature and extent of possible contamination
    • Additional services include:
      • Installation of piezometer monitoring wells
      • Pumping tests
      • Tracing tests
  • Ballast water sampling
    • Sampling to identify potentially harmful unwanted marine species and microorganisms in ballast water. Helps ensure shipping activities are being conducted in a safe and clean way

Why choose SGS?

With over 6,000 environmental specialists, including engineers, scientists and chemists, we can assist you with the design and implementation of your water sampling program. Our experienced field service teams will ensure that samples are collected, stored, handled and analyzed in terms of internationally recognized and locally accepted sampling methodologies.

For more information on water sampling and monitoring services, contact your local SGS office.

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