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Responding to A Sustainability Index Questionnaire?

As a supplier, you may have received questionnaires from your customers regarding your sustainability practices.

However, you may be either unsure about how to answer these questions or do not have the personnel to develop answers and head up the response effort. 

Despite the urge to ignore or respond to these inquiries hastily, it is important to know that, depending on the customer, these questionnaires are not just a “one-off” initiative – you will have to respond again in 6 to 12 months. Additionally, this information can have an impact on your customer relationship, which should also be considered.

Addressing this issue proactively will put you in a better position with your customers over time and can help save money by improving practices and identifying inefficiencies.

If you would like to respond to sustainability index questionnaires more effectively, we can help you:

  • Identify the right people to obtain the required information
  • Coordinate the data/information collection effort and prepare the submission
  • Review responses to ensure that the issues have been addressed properly and clearly
  • Develop a strategy for improvement, based on current performance and the nature of your organization

To discuss how we can help your organization respond to sustainability index questionnaires more effectively, contact us today.

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