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Vehicle Title Verification and Handling

Processing more than 500,000 titles every year, and with clients spanning major vehicle rental fleets, financial institutions and car manufacturers, SGS is a world leader in title administration.

We understand first hand the more challenging aspects of title handling, and our title verification service assures you of:

  • Accuracy and assurance of quality and service
  • Trained and experienced support 
  • Advanced online tracking and storage process
  • Comprehensive, turnkey approach 
  • Convenient online information management and access
  • A cost-effective solution

We provide a comprehensive suite of title verification services including digital imaging, storage, online management and maintenance, and title release for rental car fleets, financial institutions and car manufacturers. Title verification services are provided through a state-of-the-art processing system - FIESTA - Fully Integrated Extended Service Title Administration. SGS Verification Services allow financial institutions to reduce the costs associated with managing and storing titles, while improving service and quality.

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind as you carry out other responsibilities such as off-lease vehicle inspections or vehicle remarketing, so that you know when the sale is completed, the relevant title will be available - and will have been checked and updated, as necessary.

When you partner with SGS, you draw on over a century of experience in inspection, testing and certification - and you benefit from the lessons we have learned from automotive businesses on every continent. No other supplier can match the depth of our expertise.

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