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Uganda PAU – Pre-Export Verification of Conformity

Comply with the standards and technical regulations of the PAU and the UNBS with SGS’s pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) services.
Engineer Working on Pipeline Equipment

To safeguard the health and safety of the people of Uganda, protect the environment and ensure asset integrity, the government of Uganda requires that all specialized materials and equipment for oil and gas projects to be imported into the country meet the technical regulations and standards of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) and Uganda’s National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) pre-export verification of conformity (PVoC) program.

Under the PVoC program, products must undergo a conformity assessment at the country of origin and be issued a certificate of conformity (CoC) before they can be imported into Uganda. The conformity assessment includes, but is not limited to, physical inspection prior to shipment, sampling, testing in accredited laboratories and document verification. It ensures that the products comply with the applicable PAU standards as well as all other applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

SGS has entered into an agreement with PAU and UNBS to administer the PvOC program for specialized equipment for oil and gas projects to be imported into Uganda. We can issue a certificate of conformity to demonstrate compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Why choose PAU pre-export verification of conformity services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Ensure compliance with PAU and UNBS standards and technical regulations
  • Acquire your certificate of conformity
  • Ensure smooth clearance of your consignments at customs

SGS is the world leader in testing, inspection and certification, with unrivaled experience in performing product conformity assessment (PCA) services around the globe.

To discuss your Uganda pre-export verification of conformity requirements, contact us today.


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