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Treated Seed

Strengthen quality assurance and brand performance for treated seed products.

Comprehensive testing solutions covering germination, vigor testing, dust off and active ingredients, to ensure treated seeds product quality.

Treated seed testing is the final quality assurance step before sale and preparation for storage. In addition to commercial seed usage, it is routinely used to analyze new seed treatment products for the marketplace.

Germination and vigor testing provide primary data for assessing the quality of treated seed products. Enhanced analysis, such as early count dates, can also be used to assess the speed of germination.

Evaluation of the seed treatment rate and application are paramount for accuracy and sustainability. Dust off testing, utilizing the global Heubach standard, can measure the particulates leaving the seed. While active ingredient testing, or load testing, can be used to quantify the application of active ingredients to a seed.

With a worldwide network of industry experts, backed by state-of-the-art testing facilities, we deliver validated and proven quality testing for treated seed products, and can collaborate with seed and crop protection companies to deliver precise data that informs seed quality decisions.

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