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IECEx Service Facility Certification

IECEx service facility certification from SGS – demonstrates the capability to safely repair and overhaul equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

SGS is a major provider of all internationally based IECEx services, including IECEx Service Facility Certification, providing plant owners across the world with confidence in the capabilities of their chosen suppliers for repair and overhaul of equipment used in an explosive atmosphere.

An IECEx Certificate of Conformity for a service facility provider attests that the facility, within the scope described on the certificate, has been independently assessed and found to have appropriate equipment and competent staff, and to operate procedures that demonstrate that the repair, overhaul or modification work conducted complies with IECEx requirements, including IEC 60079-19. It also attests that a service facility has been audited to verify that it meets the IECEx Operational Document OD 314-5 requirements.

As an accepted IECEx Certification Body (ExCB), we can assess the site against the standard and, where appropriate, issue an IECEx Certificate of Conformity.

IECEx Operational Documents

OD 314-5 and other relevant IECEx Operational Documents are available for download from the IECEx website. They provide detailed information concerning the IECEx On-line Certificate of Conformity System for Service Facilities and the process for achieving certification.

SGS also operates the SGS Baseefa Repair Facility License Scheme, which is for customers who do not require the additional features of the IECEx scheme. It involves the same basic process and the same standards, but the company is not listed on the IECEx internet database and the associated IECEx specific fees are waived.

Enquiries concerning IECEx Certification should be made direct to SGS.

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