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Chinese GB Standards

Chinese GB standards testing from SGS – ensure product compliance with Chinese national standards to sell your products in China.

Global Softlines: China Import Service

In order to ensure product quality, safety and performance, China has created the GB national standards, covering many consumer products. These standards must be met before products can be sold in China. Understanding the reach and requirements covered by Chinese GB standards is critical before contemplating your expansion into China. Without specifically designing a product range around Chinese national standards, it is extremely unlikely that a product range would be eligible for retailing in China.

We offer you expert knowledge in product compliance and conformance to GB specifications, providing a range of services to support you in selling your products in China.

We actively monitor, translate and interpret both mandatory and voluntary Chinese standards to enable you to understand and meet the requirements. We also support the GB standards authorities and have expert teams who can provide guidance and testing to ensure your products comply with the applicable GB standards.

In addition to our GB team based in China, our global GB ambassadors around the world are on hand to support you in all aspects of GB testing and conformity to Chinese requirements.

To find out more about our GB testing services, contact us today.

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