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SafeGuardS is our technical bulletin highlighting new product standards, regulations and test methods, written by SGS experts.

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Toxic Substances Labeled in Barrel

Canada Consults Over Proposed Regulation on Toxic Substances in Certain Products

Canada has initiated a consultation over its draft legislation on hazardous substances in certain products. If approved, the new law will enter into force on the day which it is registered.
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Microplastic Pollution Beach

ISO Launches New Test Method for Conducting a Qualitative and Quantitative Analytical Evaluation of Microplastics

In September 2023, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced ISO 4484-2, which aims to provide information regarding the nature, numerical concentration, surface area and estimated mass of microplastics generated or emitted by the textile industry and subsequently gathered in various matrices.
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Kids Painting

New Zealand Consults Over Proposed Revisions to Lead Requirements for Paints and Graphic Materials

New Zealand’s EPA has initiated a consultation over its proposal to amend several group standards on lead requirements for paints and graphic materials. Comments are accepted until January 26, 2024.
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Laboratory Research and Development

EPA Proposes Ban on Trichloroethylene

The EPA has published a proposal that would ban trichloroethylene in essentially all commercial and consumer product uses.
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Girl Playing with Slime

CEN Issues Technical Specification for Categorization of Toy Slime Type Products

CEN has issued a technical specification document to support the categorization of toy slime type products when testing is conducted against EN 71-3 for the migration of certain elements.
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Passion Square

China Publishes New Mandatory National Standard for Musical Instruments, GB 28489-2022

The mandatory national standard for musical instruments, GB 28489-2022, supersedes the previous standard, GB/T 28489-2012, and establishes requirements for the content of harmful substances in musical instruments and introduces updated testing methods.
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Water Sample Intake

California reintroduces proposal to modify Prop 65 warning methods

The proposal aims to modify California’s Prop 65 safe harbour warning methods, particularly aiming at short-form warnings.
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Child Building Tower of Toy Blocks

Moldova Further Aligns Toy Safety with the EU

Moldova has revised its legislation on toy safety to further align with EU regulations. The revisions became effective in October 2023.
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Strawberries in Plastic Tray

US Congress Proposes Ban on Certain Food Contact Substances

The US federal government has introduced a bill to prohibit several chemicals/classes of chemicals for food contact materials and articles. If approved, the new law will become effective two years after the date of enactment.

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baby in bouncer chai

US CPSC Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Infant and Infant/Toddler Rockers

US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has published a notice of proposed rulemaking to establish a consumer product safety rule for infant and infant/toddler rockers.
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