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Supplier Management

How can you manage your suppliers as part of your value chain and ensure that they meet your requirements?

Your products need to meet a range of stringent standards for quality and safety. Increasingly, consumers also expect your products to come from socially and environmentally responsible sources and your services to be delivered in a sustainable manner. As a result, legislation is being introduced across the world to ensure adherence to these strict standards.

As a brand owner, you may have worked hard to comply with these standards, and to define and adhere to your own ethical values and company vision. However, it is also essential for you to manage your suppliers and ensure that they also meet all these critical requirements.

Effective supplier management solutions from a world leader

As a world-leading provider of supplier management services we offer you unrivaled experience, managing large supplier programs for a wide range of clients across all industries. Our unique global network enables us to provide you with trusted expertise wherever your suppliers are based – anywhere in the world.

We can help you to:

  • Manage risk, protect your brand and optimize costs: our comprehensive range of services provides you with inspections, testing, training, verification and certification to ensure compliance or demonstrate the required level of performance at every stage of your supply chain
  • Select the right suppliers: we can help you find suppliers that meet your unique needs, as well as any quality, safety, and ethical requirements that apply to your industry. We offer you independent assessments and analysis, using audits, inspections, testing and interviews to enable you to determine the suitability of your suppliers
  • Manage the performance of your suppliers: we offer regular audit-based assessments or testing to ensure that your suppliers provide the required and consistent performance against quality, safety, security, environmental or social matters criteria. We offer you regular reporting of results along with recommendations for improvement. We can also provide further training and consultancy, as well as manage the assessment and improvement program for you
  • Ensure your suppliers comply with all statutory requirements: with our up-to-date knowledge of the required standards and regulations across the globe, we can help make sure your suppliers meet all their obligations

To discuss how we can help you manage your suppliers as part of your value chain and ensure that they meet all performance requirements, contact us today.

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