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Webinar: International Type Approval 101

Join our live webinar to learn about the latest regulatory trends for ITA, starting with the easy-to-understand key foundation knowledge. This will include an introduction to regulatory compliance in the countries most frequently requested and details of the best practices to follow in order to get your product approved in good time.

With continuous growth in global trading, countries have set up their own product conformity assessment systems for EE products to protect the public and national networks from unsafe goods. However, these standards vary and a single product entering the market can complete multiple compulsory conformity assessments.

Multiple tests can cause you delays and unexpected costs as you try to get a product to market. These delays can be avoided, but only if you know country/region specific requirements and understand the most efficient way to meet them.

This webinar will examine the specific requirements and look at broader global regulatory trends. Our experts will also cover regulatory compliance requirements for the frequently requested countries, as well as the best practices to follow in order to get a product approved in good time.

The webinar is ideal for manufacturers who design and/or manufacture products with wireless connection functions that will be marketed globally.


  • Introduction – SGS ITA Services
  • Modular vs. system/host approval
  • Report acceptance vs. in-country testing
  • Documentation tips
  • Requirements for popular markets: China, South Korea
  • FAQs


Catherine Wong, International Type Approval Program Manager

Catherine joined SGS in 2013 and is responsible for International Type Approval (ITA) our programs and provides worldwide services to our global customers, based in SGS’s Suwanee, Georgia office.

Catherine has more than 10 years of industry experience in electrical and electronic product regulatory compliance, and supply chain management. Her expertise includes EMC, radio and safety regulatory compliance, and global market access certifications.

For more information, please contact:

Catherine Wong
t: +1 (770) 570 1847
m: +1 (470) 208 0172

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