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SGS Cybersecurity Product Certification Mark

Independent certification against recognized standards for cybersecurity helps you to build trust in your product or system.

Cyberattacks are on the increase. Internet of things (IoT) systems offer multiple advantages to business and society, but they have inherent cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Independent assessment by a trusted third-party specialist demonstrates due diligence and allows you to show regulators and end-consumers that your product or system conforms to defined standards, thereby empowering better market differentiation and positioning.

SGS Cybersecurity Mark

SGS cybersecurity evaluations and the SGS Cybersecurity Product Certification Mark

We offer a comprehensive range of evaluation solutions for products, systems and apps against internationally recognized standards – EN 303645, NIST 8259a, SB-327, GDPR, and many more.

Assessment can include:

  • Self-declaration – a basic check on declared product features
  • Vulnerability scan – entry level vulnerability assessment
  • Conformance testing – investigation against defined standards
  • Compliance – full evaluation with report for certification
  • In-depth testing – going beyond certification

What does the SGS Cybersecurity Mark include?

Every mark provides:

  • Evidence of independent certification by a trusted service provider
  • Information on standards against which the product was assessed
  • Visual indication of level of assessment
  • QR code linked to the ProCert client database

What are the benefits?

  • Differentiate and position products better in fragmented, global markets
  • Traceability – access to certification data via the QT code increases end-use trust
  • Demonstrate leadership in cybersecurity and level of protection for end-consumers

Certification is valid for a period of five years, during which products are periodically retested and factories inspected to ensure continued compliance. Products that are certified are added to the ProCert client database, increasing transparency and enabling stakeholders to learn more about your product’s certification and its validity.

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