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Chinese Market Regulatory Overview and 2023 Update for Softlines

There are huge opportunities for softlines market expansion in China. With a population of over 1.4 billion and over 400 million people in middle-income groups in the country, the ongoing growth in the domestic economy and measures to expand imports mean there are significant opportunities for businesses trading in Chinese markets. However, language and supervision system differences can cause difficulties for successful regulatory compliance.

Learning about regulations and standard systems in China helps to keep your softlines products compliant. This webinar will provide you with the relevant knowledge to enable you to understand the rigor of Chinese markets and their unique compliance characteristics.

Attendees will learn about Chinese regulatory updates in 2023. Current product quality supervision systems will be explored, as well as important new regulations, including an inspection and acceptance update and measures for promoting enterprise standardization. In addition, it will also cover changes to some important standards that were issued in 2023. For example, the requirements for outdoor sportswear, such as weather-resistant garments, and those for down and feather quilts. There will also be an analysis of spot check failures and a Q&A session for technical queries.


  • Introduction
  • Why worry?
    • Spot check failed case analysis in 2023
    • China Market Compliance Intro
  • 2023 Update
    • New regulations in China
    • New standards in China
  • How SGS can help?
    • Omni-Channel Solutions
    • SGS participation in PR & Standardization
  • Q&A

Who should attend?

The webinar is aimed at softlines regulatory compliance professionals working in Chinese markets.

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Session 1: 14/03/2024 10:00 AM (GMT +1:00) Europe/Paris time

Session 2: 14/03/2024 5:30 PM (GMT +1:00) Europe/Paris time

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