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Complying with Requirements for Hazardous Atmospheres

How can you help to protect your employees and plant from the risk of explosion in hazardous areas?

When dangerous substances are released in the atmosphere, they can ignite or create explosions, causing damage to property, serious injury or loss of life. The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) in the UK, and similar regulations elsewhere, are aimed at minimising the risk of fire, explosions and related events caused by explosive substances. ATEX certification and IECEx certification, as well as risk assessment, training and competence, can reduce the risk of such incidents.

We can support an organization’s compliance with the following certification schemes and regional requirements:

  • ATEX: a European legal framework that manufacturers must follow in order to sell equipment intended for use in areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere. Manufacturers of products for use in explosive atmospheres that are placed on the European market must declare compliance with the ATEX Directive (previously ATEX 94/9/EC and now 2014/34/EU). Manufacturers often require ATEX certification from an ATEX Notified Body such as SGS Baseefa in order to meet these requirements

  • IECEx: a system used to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety. IECEx Certification is a voluntary scheme in most parts of the world and can be used to help prove compliance with regional requirements. Organizations often ask for ATEX Certification and IECEx Certification to be carried out at the same time, as part of one cost-effective project

  • North America: testing, assessment and certification for Class and Division, and Class and Zone applications for the US and Canadian Hazloc market. Certification can be issued for the US (SGSus), Canada (SGSc), or most commonly both (cSGSus). Often ordinary location standards must be met along with hazardous location standards for equipment to be accepted into this market. We are accredited for both types of standard

  • Requirements for other regions, including China, Korea, Japan, Brazil and South Africa. If ATEX certification or IECEx certification has already been achieved, the process of obtaining these approvals can be simplified and completed subsequent to your ATEX/IECEx certification

In addition to product certification, we ensure that personnel are equipped with the knowledge and skills to design and operate equipment safely, minimizing risk to projects and plants. We offer:

  • Training: to educate those working in the explosive atmospheres industry and ensure that their knowledge is accurate and up to date. Our training allows both individuals and their organizations to be safer, better equipped and more productive by providing an in-depth understanding of subjects such as DSEAR, the ATEX Directives, and protection methods. It plays an important role in the development of competence
  • Where a more specific requirement exists, we offer a dedicated technical advice service, with face to face meetings with our staff who will be able to guide you through how various standards might apply to you produce, or service, and help you to evaluate the options available to you. However, we cannot offer design consultancy, as that would be incompatible with our certification body status. It is recognized by our accreditation body that we need to be able to help customers understand how the standards are applied to their products
  • IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence Scheme (CoPC): to verify the capabilities of personnel working in explosive atmospheres. With the human factor being a major contributor to incidents in hazardous area, personnel competence is a prerequisite for correct performance. Qualifying your and your team’s competence is an important step toward ensuring you have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise required for working in hazardous areas

Inspection Services

Our hazardous area inspection services ensure the compliance of installations in potentially explosive atmospheres. This service is provided by our experts who deliver practical advice and guidance to our customers to assist them in meeting the challenges associated with local regulations. Our inspection engineers have a minimum of IECEx CompEx 01-04 certification along with recognized industry qualifications and they are highly experienced in the field of hazardous area DSEAR, ATEX and IECex compliance.

Services we offer:

  • Initial inspection services for both existing and new electrical and instrumentation equipment (BS EN (IEC) 60079-14)
  • Periodic inspection services at visual, close or detailed inspection levels pertinent to the protection type (BS EN (IEC) 60079-17)
  • Compiling Ex asset registers and client databases
  • Verification of all installed ‘Ex’ equipment databases
  • Ensuring compliance with all standards and regulations
  • Ex installation and maintenance project management
  • Ex remedial repairs

About SGS Baseefa

Research work into explosions in hazardous atmospheres has been carried out at our Buxton site since the 1920s. SGS Baseefa is now one of the largest organizations in the world with a laboratory dedicated to certification in this area and a world leader in the field.

In Europe, SGS Baseefa is one of the most recognized Notified Bodies for issuing the certification required by the European ATEX Directive. We are at the forefront of international product certification within the IECEx Equipment Certification Scheme, having issued more certificates in this field than any other certification body in the world.

Beyond certification we also provide an accessible yet authoritative source of expertise in many related areas. With extensive experience and knowledge of the application of industry standards in many areas we actively participate in committees formulating standards both at the European and international levels.

Through our global network we can offer a truly worldwide service to you, wherever you may be, providing documentation to support your sales throughout the world and to give your customers confidence in the products you sell.

To request a quotation please complete the application form or contact us. We will be happy to assist you with meeting your requirements.

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