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Waste Management

Waste management consultancy from SGS ­– reduce your waste and costs.

There is pressure on all organisations to eliminate, reduce, re-use and recycle waste from all operational processes. Almost everything you buy in, consume and produce generates waste. Waste results in cost. Plus, under the Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008, major construction projects of over £300,000 in value are required to have a site waste management plan in place.

Our waste management services can help you with everything from managing your waste effectively and reducing costs through to developing your site waste management plan.

Why Choose Waste Management Services From SGS?

We can implement a successful waste management policy and action plan to help you:

  • Save money on purchases: using raw materials, packaging and equipment more efficiently means less needs to be purchased
  • Reduce waste disposal costs: efficient waste management reduces the amount of waste produced – resulting in lower disposal costs
  • Improve environmental compliance: having effective policies and procedures in place makes it easier and less costly to comply with waste regulations
  • New sources of revenue: some waste products can be sold to other businesses for reuse or recycling

Waste management systems are a great first step towards a complete Environmental Management System (EMS) and can be an excellent way to prove the value of an EMS before fully committing.

We can implement an effective waste management system to help you:

  • Gain better control of individual waste streams
  • Reduce the overall environmental liability of your organisation
  • Increase staff morale and environmental awareness
  • Improve your organisation’s corporate image by confirming your commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Improve pre-qualification and tender scoring with large client bodies

Cost-Effective Waste Management Consultancy From a Trusted World Leader

As a leading provider of waste management consultancy, we offer you unrivalled experience, expertise and cost-effective results.

Our qualified and experienced staff, members of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), are able to provide a comprehensive waste management planning service. This includes the design of your waste management system, training and education of key staff and auditing the ongoing effectiveness of the resulting scheme.

To discuss your waste management requirements, contact us today.

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