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US Field Evaluation Services

Keep electrical equipment and machinery in operation with field label testing and certification.
SGS Field Evaluation Services

When a US Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) identifies electrical products, industrial machinery, or other equipment that does not bear the mark of a recognized testing laboratory, it has the authority to red tag the equipment until a field evaluation by a recognized and competent body can be conducted. Using unlabeled equipment may result in delays in equipment commissioning while corrections are made.

Thanks to our Field Label accreditation we can test and certify products for installation and operation within commercial, industrial and residential environments. An SGS field label helps equipment operators remove any doubt regarding their electronic products or machinery and gets your operation back up and running often on the same day the service was quoted.

Why choose SGS?

We are your one-stop accredited source for all the field labeling services you might need within the US. We cover devices in the field, unlisted products onsite, factory relocations and red tagged equipment.

Contact your local SGS office to ensure the continuous operation of your equipment through our field labeling service.

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