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Soil Sampling and Drilling

Soil sampling and drilling services help assess the environmental effects of industrial activity.

Soil contaminated by hazardous chemicals poses a significant risk to human health and the natural environment. Soil sampling and drilling helps organizations understand the true impact of their operations. This data enables informed decision making, allowing effective management of environmental risk.

SGS Soil Sampling and Drilling Services

Using the latest equipment and technical expertise, we offer a range of environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling against both international and local standards.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling and testing is generally conducted during a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), to determine if subsurface contamination exists or has the potential to migrate to neighboring properties. SGS is able to assist you with the design and implementation of sampling and remediation plans depending on the extent of the investigation required.

Our experienced field service teams will ensure that your samples are collected, stored, handled and analyzed in terms of internationally recognized and locally accepted sampling methodologies.

Our soil sampling services include:

  • Soil investigation, sampling and analysis
  • Soil vapor investigations
  • Waste sampling and analysis (including sediment, sludge, ash and fly ash)
  • Support to environmental site assessment
  • Support to the development of remediation plans to clean polluted sites as well as sampling and monitoring during remediation phases


In the USA, we offer premier environmental drilling services to meet all of our client’s subsurface needs.

SGS has the latest equipment and technical expertise and is focused on consistent quality and dedicated to safety and continuous improvement in all we do. Because each drilling project has a unique environment, we rigorously assess your project and formulate a bespoke approach to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are drilling a small borehole, monitoring well, taking soil samples, or installing wind turbines in an ocean bed, we can help you.

We pioneered and set standards of excellence in environmental drilling. With the experience of successfully managing thousands of environmental drilling projects, we have a track record of meeting complex challenges with innovative solutions.

Key drilling and drilling related services include:

  • Sonic, hollow stem, mud rotary, air rotary, dual rotary and direct push drilling methods
  • Rock coring, packer testing, FLUTe and multiport well installation
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Soft Dig/Air Knife utility clearing
  • Monitor well installation – overburden/bedrock
  • Borehole stabilization
  • Soil borings for site characterization, investigation or to support remedial design
  • Recovery well installation
  • Collecting water, soil and gas samples for analysis
  • Pump testing
  • Well decommissioning

Why choose SGS?

With over 5,700 environmental specialists around the world and over 6,000 successfully completed environmental drilling projects, we are the first choice for soil sampling and drilling services. Utilizing the latest techniques and up-to-date technology, we provide a premium service, enabling efficient project completion while maintaining health and safety standards, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring compliance with relevant standards.

Contact your local SGS office to learn more about soil sampling and drilling services.

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