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Secure online access to laboratory results 24/7 with SGS ENGAGE enables rapid online assessment of data and download of laboratory reports.

Effective data management is a vital component of any environmental project. Data must be accurate, of high quality, and be available to all stakeholders in a precise and easy to access format. The ability to easily and conveniently retrieve your laboratory data will give your business a significant competitive environmental advantage.


Our web-based interface provides clients with the ability to view and download their laboratory sample results in a timely and convenient manner. Accessible 24/7, SGS ENGAGE removes the need for contacting laboratories or waiting for them to open. It allows you to perform rapid online assessments of your analytical data, and lets you download final laboratory reports and EDDs. Using pivot tables and cross-tab reports, you can assess analytical laboratory results and download them in Microsoft Excel directly onto a local computer. The system is fully secure, providing you with the highest levels of security and data encryption.

SGS ENGAGE is the efficient and effective way to manage your laboratory jobs. It lets you:

  • Confirm receipt of the sample at the laboratory
  • Review and download documents such as the chain-of-custody
  • Review requests for analysis and other information for a specific project/job
  • Easily monitor and display the results of the analysis, both preliminary and final
  • Search, view and download historical data
  • Accessed with individual username and passwords, and protected by the most modern data encryption technologies

SGS ENGAGE is easy to use, presented in an intuitive format, and doesn’t require specialist training.

Why choose SGS?

With over 6,000 environmental scientists and a global network of environmental data management experts, we are the first choice for organizations looking to optimize their online data management capabilities. Working with us gives you access to cutting-edge EDD performance, providing you with a competitive advantage in your environmental projects.

To learn more about SGS ENGAGE, contact your local SGS office.

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