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SGS E-Data

Manage and analyze data for any environmental monitoring project with SGS E-Data.

From field data collection to monthly operational statistics, regulator reports to boardroom presentations, you need to be confident in the quality and integrity of your environmental data. Confidence allows you to make informed decisions, giving you competitive advantage in your environmental operations.

SGS E-Data services

SGS E-Data is a secure centralized client assessible web portal for environmental monitoring projects. It gives you access to your environmental and laboratory data collected by SGS field teams and laboratories. Access to the data is available via web dashboards that use a variety of analytical tools, including spatial maps, trend charts, statistical tables and downloadable data reports. Supported by a back-end Environmental Database with integrated QA/QC protocols, the system maintains data to the highest quality, consistency and integrity. This results in content that is reliable, with customizable dashboards that can be designed with one-click access to meet your individual data analysis needs.

SGS E-Data can also draw data from field-based instruments or sensors, giving you access to continuous environmental data streams in real-time. Additionally, the system incorporates a notification engine, which will alert you when specified data exceedances are encountered or provide data reports on a scheduled basis.

This powerful service allows you to easily monitor a project’s progress, communicate with project stakeholders, and make project decisions quickly and with confidence. It is a cost-effective tool for clients who are looking for a collaborative workspace to proactively manage their environmental compliance and regulatory liabilities with regards to soil, water, air, noise, and industrial hygiene monitoring activities.

Why choose SGS?

We are world leaders in the provision of testing, verification, inspection and certification services. With over 6,000 environmental scientists around the globe and a network of accredited laboratories, we are the first choice for organizations looking to optimize their online data management and analysis capabilities.

To learn more about SGS E-Data, contact your local SGS office.

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