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Product Risk Assessments

Product risk assessment services from SGS – a comprehensive range of services to help you establish quality and safety management, identify product risks, and ensure safety and quality throughout production.

Product risk assessments can help you improve your products and meet any applicable legal requirements. Without them, a product’s place in the market may be precarious and you may run the risk of product returns and recalls, damage to brand integrity or, worse, litigation if customers are put in danger.

Our comprehensive range of product risk assessment services identify potential hazards and provide solutions as early as possible in the product life cycle – ideally at concept design stage. As a result, you can take appropriate action to prevent products becoming stalled in production or recalled once they are released onto the market.

Why choose product risk assessments from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Establish quality and safety management: we can assist with quality and safety protocols, training, committees and safety manuals
  • Identify product risks: our product design analysis services include product feasibility analysis, safety reviews, risk assessments, product research, line reviews and product benchmark/performance testing
  • Ensure safety and quality throughout production: our range of manufacturing control services include product failure analysis, test-to-failure, and product benchmark and performance testing
  • Get products progress to market safely and smoothly: we offer a structured product integrity engineering package that can be applied to all consumer goods

Comprehensive Product Risk Assessment Services from a Trusted World Leader

As a world-leading provider of inspections, verification, testing and certifications services, we offer you unrivaled expertise in product risk. Our product risk assessments allow you to make changes to product design before you invest time and money in producing goods. Delivered by our team of world-class consultants with experience of working with businesses of all sizes, our services can help you to increase your product’s chances of commercial success right from the start.

With international experience and local knowledge, we guide you through the grey areas of legislation, which, though may not be compulsory, are advisable. 

To discuss your product risk assessment requirements, contact us today.

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