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PhotonAssay Analysis

Our PhotonAssay Analysis service is a non-destructive, environmentally friendly alternative to fire assay that delivers faster and safer analysis.
SGS Photonassay Analysis

Discover a non-destructive alternative to fire assay that delivers faster, safer and more sustainable analysis.

For precious minerals testing, traditional chemical assay analysis, such as fire assay, can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and only measures a small volume of material. PhotonAssay analysis is a non-destructive, environmentally friendly replacement for fire assay that delivers accurate analysis for gold, silver, copper and complementary elements that is faster and safer. It can be delivered from our world-class commercial laboratory. By using high-energy X-rays this method can deliver results in as little as two minutes per sample.

Why choose PhotonAssay services from SGS?

Our PhotonAssay analysis enables you to:
  • Analyze gold, silver, copper and complementary elements non-destructively
  • Analyze larger sample sizes allow for a more representative sample
  • Get results in under two minutes, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Gain deeper insights with increased data analytics
  • Optimize plant performance, grade control, and geological modelling
  • Improve the definition of reserves and resources
  • Reduce sample preparation times and costs while ensuring better sample quality
  • Avoid contaminated waste and the associated costs
CHRYSOS PhotonAssay Machinery Operators

Why SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading testing and certification company. We provide unparalleled analytical support and analysis on a wide range of geological materials containing precious, base, rare earths and battery metals, as well as bulk commodities, such as bauxite and iron ore.

Our global network of commercial, on-site, mobile laboratories and in-field services provide high-quality analytical data to help you make informed decisions and add value to your project. Our unrivaled expertise and experience support you both as a strategic partner and technical advisor.

To find out more about our PhotonAssay service, contact us today.

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