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Monitoring, Source and Shielding Equipment

Supplying the right product for your specific radiation monitoring needs.

Working with ionizing radiation sources can be dangerous. Your radiation monitors, reference sources and shielding must be functional, fit for purpose and reliable. Choosing the right piece of equipment for your individual requirements is important.

Monitoring, Radioactive Sources and Shielding Equipment

We offer consultancy and advice services to help you make the right decisions. With extensive experience of a wide variety of radiation-related equipment used in real-world applications, our experts will help you select the right equipment for you.

We work with a wide variety of manufacturers, including:

  • Ludlum Measurements, Inc.
  • Automess GmbH
  • SAIC Exploranium
  • Health Physics Instruments
  • SEA GmbH
  • Overhoff Technologies
  • Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products
  • STEP GmbH
  • Lab Impex Systems
  • Mirion Dosimetry Services Division – instadose™


Our range of monitors includes:

  • Handheld survey monitors
  • Static  and personal monitors
  • Electronic personal dosimeters
  • Neutron monitors
  • X-ray and radiotherapy equipment


We provide calibration sources for a wide range of radioisotopes and sample mediums including liquid, sealed, electroplated and simulated soil and vegetation. Our specialists will help you to choose the calibration or reference source that is best for you. We will also help with the provision of import permits and customs clearance documentation and requirements.


We offer a complete shielding service, from initial consultation to a shielding report and the supply of materials. We can design and manufacture custom-designed enclosures, frames and L blocks, and have key relationships with lead and lead glass manufacturers.

We offer competitive pricing on:

  • Lead lined ply
  • Lead lined doors and door frames
  • Lead glass, lead glass windows and lead lined window frames
  • Interlocking lead bricks
  • Lead plates and lead blocks cut to order
  • Lead sheets
  • Borated polyethylene for neutron shielding

Why choose SGS?

Our team can help you make the right decisions regarding radiation safety equipment and as part of the world’s leading certification, testing and verification company, you can be assured your choices will be regulatory compliant and safe for your stakeholders and the environment.

To learn more about monitoring, source and shielding equipment, contact your local SGS office.

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