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Mobile Metal Ion (MMI)

Discover our innovative, accurate and more environmentally friendly geochemical exploration technique for finding mineral deposits.

During exploration activities, you need a reliable and proven technique for soil samples. Our innovative Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) geochemistry services offer a proven advanced geochemical exploration technique for finding mineral deposits.

Why choose MMI from SGS?

As the leader in providing weak extraction of the mobile form of ions residing near surface soils, we enable you to:

  • Analyze metals in soils and related materials
  • Gain accurate results to help in the exploration of mineral deposits
  • Benefit from a more environmentally friendly approach without the use of aggressive acid
  • Achieve lower detection limits with cell-based ICP-MS
  • Utilize a method of extraction that does not dissolve the bound forms of metal ions

Why SGS?

As the industry leader in ion extraction technology and geochemical exploration, we are the sole provider of MMI technology with over 20 years’ experience.

We extract target elements using weak solutions of organic and inorganic compounds, rather than conventional aggressive acid digests. MMI solutions contain strong ligands, which detach and hold metal ions in a solution that was previously bound to soil particles by weak atomic forces.

As this extraction technique does not dissolve the bound forms of the metal ions, they are the chemically active or ‘mobile’ component of the sample. As these mobile, loosely bound complexes are in very low concentrations, measurement is by ICP-MS.

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