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Microbiology Testing

Microbiological testing to demonstrate safety and build trust in cosmetics and hygiene products.

Our microbiological testing solutions ensure the safety and quality of cosmetics, personal care and absorbent hygiene products.

Microbial contaminant testing solutions

Microbiological testing for cosmetics, personal care and absorbent hygiene products forms an important part of quality control and helps to ensure the safety of products as they move along the supply chain.

We offer a comprehensive range of testing solutions for microbial contaminants to help you assess the safety and/or efficacy of raw materials, components, ingredients and final products.

Our global network of state-of-the-art laboratories provides microbial testing on a wide range of materials and products, covering:

  • Total plate count
  • Yeast and mold – identification
  • Pathogens – identification
  • Challenge tests

Applicable methods include:

  • Pharmacopeia US<61&62> & <51>
  • EU Chapter 5.1.3 & EU Chapters 2.6.12&13
  • ISO 1612, 18415, 18416, 21149, 21150, 22717, 22718, 11930

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. Wherever you operate in the world, we support you during every stage of your product’s development – from raw materials to end product – helping you to deliver safe, effective and compliant products to global markets.

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