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Loading & Discharge Supervision

Safeguard your commodities with independent sampling and analysis solutions during loading and discharge.

Loss and damage to bulk cargos during loading and discharge can be expensive and damage your business’s reputation. Loading and discharge inspections check the quality and quantity of cargos, helping you to minimize risks in your supply chain.

Independent loading and discharge inspections

We provide a comprehensive range of loading and discharge supervision services for all bulk commodities.

Bulk carrier ship in river port

Our inspectors follow relevant national and international standards to ensure accuracy, with solutions that cover:

  • Weight determination (draft survey, tally, weighing supervision)
  • Sampling
  • Visual supervision
  • Damage surveys

We can also be appointed to protect your interests as observing third-party inspectors, overseeing sampling processes performed by a third party. Our experts will report on any deviations during evaluation and can suggest improvements.

Why choose SGS?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the global trade for minerals and metals. Our experts follow national and international standards to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and contractual requirements. Wherever you operate in the world, we are ready to support you with solutions that reduce risk and optimize outcomes.

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