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Instrument Calibration and Repair

Ensure the safety of your clients with SGS’s instrument calibration and repair services.

Exposure to ionizing radiation sources can be dangerous if levels of exposure are not accurately monitored. Monitoring equipment must work correctly, be regularly calibrated, and be appropriate for the type of radiation being monitored.

SGS Instrument Calibration and Repair Services

Our technicians will ensure your monitoring systems are accurate and work effectively. We offer customized calibration procedures specific to the type of monitor and application. Calibration levels range from near background environmental levels to high-dose rate applications. Upon completion of the calibration, you will receive a calibration certificate (e.g. National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in Australia) detailing the results and findings.

We calibrate survey and contamination monitors and offer neutron, X-ray and radiotherapy calibrations. We cover:

  • Dose rate monitors
  • Surface contamination calibrations
  • Environmental monitors
  • Radioisotope identifiers
  • Medical X-ray monitors
  • Neutron monitors
  • High voltage optimization
  • Electronic adjustment and repairs

We also offer qualified repair services on a wide range of equipment and stock essential parts, such as GM tubes, Mylar and electronic components.

Why choose SGS?

Our radiation monitoring specialists have many years of experience working in the field of radiation protection. Our calibration laboratory offers efficient turnaround times and is ISO 17025 accredited. In addition to our calibration and repair services, we can also provide replacement monitors during the repair period and/or offer competitive rates for monitor rental.

Contact your local SGS office to learn more about our instrument calibration and repair services.

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